Featured Artist: Anthony Kleem

Americana artist, Anthony Kleem grew up in a small town outside Cleveland, Ohio with his parents and seven siblings. Kleem attended the University of Akron where he received his Master’s in Education and became a high school Social Studies teacher. He had a passion for art from a young age and was encouraged to pursue it.  Although, it wasn’t until his adult life that he had put the brush to canvas for the first time.

Each painting begins in his sketch book with hours of planning and research into regions of the country; local names, architecture and landscapes. The paintings truly capture the values and rich culture America with American flags or traditional landscapes. Kleems use of color turn the rural settings of New England, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the midwest from everyday scenes to idyllic paintings.

A reoccurring them in Kleems paintings is family. Naming small town shops and carts after his wife and his five children. Anthony’s daughter, Mariah, with her flaming red hair was the inspiration in many pieces of his art work. Faith is is usually present and conveyed with a church and often a little black cat. This combination of tradition and whimsy creates a true sense of American values. 

Anthony Kleems  artistic style takes inspiration for impressionism, folk art and Americana; creating a idyllic setting and story. In his paintings he tries to express a bygone era of wholesomeness, warmth, and true American values. Kleem mostly paints in acrylic but he also creates oil paintings, murals, and sculpture. His work has been used worldwide on puzzles, calendars, and home decor products.

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